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Preventing heart attacks and strokes since 1973

F: 020 8532 0168

T: 020 8508 7741

E: info@thecardiaccentreuk.co.uk

Opening Hours: Saturdays Only

Please note that we are currently closed for appointments but are available for phone enquiries

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  115 High Road


Essex IG10 4HJ

Tel: +44 (0) 208 508 7741

CARDIAC CENTRE “Detect & Protect”

“Here, you are treated as a person,
not just as a number”


Preventing Heart Attacks & Strokes since 1973


We diagnose and treat heart problems once they have developed.

More importantly, we run an early heart disease detection service based on our own research. In many cases our methods have allowed detection years before symptoms have occurred.

This has allowed the control of artery disease (the most common cause of heart attacks and angina) so that future problems can be prevented. At the very least we will have tried our best with the latest technology.

Because heart disease can be lethal, early testing is simply a wise precaution for those ‘in the know’!

At the moment, few people have the courage to get tested. Those who do are usually educated and well-off.

Unfortunately, heart disease is five times more common in the uneducated, deprived sector of all communities throughout the world - the very people least inclined to seek, or, be able to afford, preventative medicine.

We have been registered with the Health Care Commission since 2004.

Call us on 020 8508 7741 or e-mail info@thecardiaccentreuk.co.uk